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Belt Bridle


As there is a difference in friction coefficient for the outer and inner surfaces of the belts (the friction coefficient of the outer surface is qreater than that of the inner surface), the spaecially composed endless belts(1) are extended by the idle pulleys(2).

In the center there are slider metal sections(3) which have been specially processed on the surface.

There are fixed by the frames(4) arranged in the middle secion and comprise the upper and lower elements respectively.

While the lower the cylinders(5).

When the strip(6) pulled to the direction of tension(T) indicated by the arrow mark, the sider of the belts having the smaller fricion coefficient, on the other hand, are in contact with the slider metal sections along which they slide.

So these endless belts move(rotate) by being pulled by the strip.

At this time the friction resistance generated between the slider metal sections and inside surfaces of the belts becomes the tension of the strips.

The tension(T) can be adiusted as required by increasing or reducing the downward pressure(P) of the cylinder.

In order to eliminate the fricion heat which is continuously generated, the slider metal sections are adjoined by water jackets(7), and are efficiently cooled by the attached circulating water cooling units.

In applying this principle, in order to cope with a number of strips and the changes in width, the strips are separated on the machine horizontally and the special endless belts are arranged accordingly.

1.As the special endless belts adhere closely to the strips as they rotate, there is absolutely no scratching.

2.As the special endless belts are separated into a number of bands, they keep the tension for all the strips uniform.

3.The endless belts are specially made of a flexible material so that they grip the strips pliably. The result is that there no damaging marks on high-grade metals, very thin materials, soft coated materials and even non-ferrous products.

4.In that the tension is adjusted by means of the downward pressure of the cylinder, BELTBRIDLE is just as easy to use as the conventional tension pad system.

5.Because there is no longer any problem regarding tension, the strips can always be passed through at full speed and the productivity is excessively improved.

6.As the construction is simple, maintenance is easy, there are no breakdowns, and the cost for upkeep is very low.

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