Automatic Packaging Line

  • General View of Packaging Line

  • Taping Process

  • Skid Inser Process

  • Offset Stacking

  • Completed Product

Automatic Packaging Line

2 ton packaging within 2 minutes.
(1 minute at special conditions)

Token has made fully automated packaging possible for the C-T-L line products. After piling, the C-T-L line products go through the following steps.

1The piled lot is fed into paper and the paper is cut.
2Roller wraps the paper and the sides are folded.
3The ends are taped.
4Longitudinal banding (Edge protectors inserted).
5Skid inserted.
6Cross banding (Cross wood and edge protectors inserted).
7Lot stacking (Offset stacking possible).

From fully automated to semi-automated process, Token can design and manufacture to satisfy your needs.

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